Questar's are considered of the highest quality American made telescopes. Below are listed the eyepieces we manufacture for Questar. These are exclusively sold by Questar and you can contact Questar to purchase. All of the eyepieces use the same glass and machining as our standard eyepieces but with the threaded barrel.

Questar Flat Top Set

Questar Eyecup and Flat Top Set

Questar 32mm with Eyecup

Questar 32mm Flat Top

Questar 24mm with Eyecup

(This eyepiece is included with purchase of a Questar telescope.)

Questar 24mm Flat Top

Questar 20mm with Eyecup

Questar 16mm with Eye Cup

   (This eyepiece is included with purchase of a Questar telescope.)    

Questar 16mm Flat Top

Questar 12mm with Eyecup

Questar 12mm Flat Top

Questar 8mm with Eye Cup

Questar 8mm Flat Top

Questar 6mm Flat Top

Questar models compared for size side by side.

Questar 32mm

Questar 24mm

Questar 20mm

Questar 16mm

Questar 12mm

Questar 8mm

Questar 6mm

Closeup of the Questar threads on a 32mm Brandon Flat Top

From the Questar Website;

Buying a Questar

You are invited to purchase directly from us in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA or we will be glad to provide you with the name of our distributor in your area. Please call: (215) 862-5277, fax: (215) 862-0512, or