The new 20mm Brandon

Same great sharpness and contrast!

Great for viewing planets and double stars. Also perfect for binoviewers!

The 20mm Brandon eyepiece is available in 3 versions, classic flat top and with eye cup  It is also available from Questar with external threads and eye cup.


Lens design: Brandon  

EFL: 20mm

AFOV: 45 degrees

Eye relief: 17mm

Parfocal with other Brandon eyepieces.

Same coating design as other Brandon's to offer less scatter and reflections.

Eyepieces come with caps.

$279 USD for Vernonscope flat top or eyecup eyepiece. Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Please contact Questar for pricing and availability of the threaded version for Questar telescopes.

Available for immediate shipment!

Brandon 20mm flat top with eyecup and Questar with eye cup 1.25" threaded telescope eyepiece
Brandon 20mm eye cup 1.25" telescope eyepiece

Brandon 20mm with eye cup

Brandon 20mm flat top 1.25" telescope eyepiece

Brandon 20mm flat top

Brandon 20mm Questar with eye cup 1.25" threaded telescope eyepiece

Questar Brandon 20mm eye cup



Product Announcement: 20mm 1.25” Brandon Eyepiece

Vernonscope LLC is proud to announce a new eyepiece in the Brandon lineup.  In response to many requests, we are adding a 1.25” 20mm Brandon.  This eyepiece is excellent for use in binoviewers, as well as individually. 

The new 20mm will offer the same qualities that astronomers love in our other Brandons. The same quality manufacturing and attention to detail are apparent in the new eyepiece.  We still use the same tried and perfected methods to manufacture Brandon eyepieces.  It utilizes the same filter threads and is parfocal with the other Brandon eyepieces.

The new eyepiece is available in both the classic flat top style and with an eye cup. The Questar version with eye cup and external threads is available from Questar Corporation.

The original Brandon lineup has been produced for more than 70 years.  Brandon eyepieces have excellent contrast and very dark backgrounds when viewing.  The design reduces light scatter. This makes them perfect for planetary viewing as well as for resolving double stars.  The lightweight design makes it easy for binoviewing. Try one and you'll be a fan.

 The Vernonscope Brandon lineup now includes the following eyepieces in 1.25”.  (6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, and 32mm).  The 48mm is available in 2”.