Above is an advertisement for the Brandon Scientific Development company showing the first Brandon oculars and objectives that were designed and made by Chester Brandon.

The photo to the left is depicting the inside of a tank and the eyepiece sight for the main gun. Brandon designed the eyepiece that American soldiers used to identify their targets.


Chester Brandon an amazing optical engineer,  worked on the M70 Tank Telescope and the Norden Bombsight. He was the original designer of the Brandon eyepieces.


Chester Brandon sells a wide range of products. He manufactures the Brandon eyepieces in Puerto Rico.


Chester Brandon ends production of Brandon eyepieces in 1963

Chester Brandon sells his interest in Brandon Eyepieces in 1966. A 28 year old Donald Vernon Yeier buys the company and moves the manufacture of Brandon eyepieces to Candor, NY.

The announcement comes out in the January 1967 issue of Sky and Telescope.

Don announces that Brandon eyepieces are available again. VERNONscope & Co.

The complete set is now available in May of 1967. The eyepieces are all black anodized.


In the 1970's Don continues to manufacture Brandon eyepieces and sells a variety of products from other astronomical makers.

Don works with Questar Corporation of PA to manufacture Brandon eyepieces with Questar's signature thread on design.


Don comes out with a line of small refractors. He refines his 80mm scope. He also creates his legendary 94mm with optics by Roland Christensen from Astro-Physics.

1990's - 2010

Don continues making telescopes and eyepieces. He sold used astronomy pieces and created his own auction house which sold historical astronomy items. He even owned a silver mine in Nevada. 

2013 Forward

Don decides it is time to retire and sells his business. The next chapter of Brandon eyepieces starts in January 2013. All of the original makers of the glass, metal parts, anodizing and engraving are used. Even the same desk and jigs are used. 

Tony and Liz Mansfield move the manufacture of Brandon eyepieces to NC. Tony has been a seller of astronomy and photography equipment since 1987.  Liz, a chemist by training worked as a manufacturing and quality engineer.