Announcing a Change in the Vernonscope 2 Inch 2.4X Dakin Barlow Design

This photo shows the Barlow in it's normal configuration. The top receives the 2" eyepiece and the bottom has the optical cell. The magnification of a inserted eyepiece is 2.4X.

The 2" eyepiece is held in place by a brass compression ring. The knurled knob compresses the brass ring to hold the eyepiece in place.

The bottom of the optical cell is threaded for 48mm filters. Comes with a top insert cap and bottom cap.

This photo shows the Barlow separated from the top section where the 2" eyepiece would attach. The bottom section of the Barlow has the optical glass elements. The thread of the optical section is designed to receive 2" eyepieces.

This photo shows the 48mm Brandon attached to the optical cell of the Barlow. Giving approximately 1.5X magnification. The 48mm's effective focal length is changed to a 32mm. The top section would not be used in this configuration. Just insert the eyepiece with the optical cell into a 2" diagonal or a 2" draw tube.

The price of the new design is $289 (48mm eyepiece not included).

Announcing a Re-issue of a Classic

The Gold-coated 1/20th Wave Quartz Star Diagonal

In honor of the James Webb Space Telescope, Vernonscope re-issues a classic design.

James Webb was the 2nd administrator of NASA, and a North Carolina native. The telescope named for him launched December 25, 2021.

NASA does not endorse any items on this website.

Gold-Coated Mirror

  • Warm cast
  • Reduction of blue/violet
  • Amazing contrast
  • Extremely sharp images

Same Amazing Technology as our Silver Quartz Star Diagonal

  • 1/20th wave
  • Thick quartz substrate
  • Protective overcoat on mirror

Available Now!

Pricing is $815 shipped in US

(International shipping extra)

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